Life Fitness and Prim SPA add value synergies for greater coverage in the hotel and residential sector

The rise of sport as a travel companion represents a potential added value to the hotel, a great business opportunity for both brands. April 10, 2018 – Fitness, as part of personal care and well-being, is an expanding global macro trend. For those looking for a hotel, having a training space has already become the third most decisive decision factor after price and location. More and more hotels are choosing to incorporate wellness spaces into the offer of services for their guests: in the form of fitness rooms, Wellness spaces, fitness in the hotel room and even outdoor activities. The closed agreement between the company Prim Spa and Life Fitness shows the intention of the two brands to enhance and grow physical activity and health within the tourism field. More and more tourists want to experience in their stays places that combine physical activity with Wellness & Spa. Prim Spa is one of the leading companies in this sector having a great experience in the execution of integral projects of Spa areas and Wellness projects in residential and hotel developments, as well as in Balnearios having more than 500 facilities of success at the national level and in Latin America. For its part Life Fitness is positioned as a reference brand in Sports Tourism, not only for the quality in the fitness products as we know them, but for the commitment made in this sector with the concept "Fitness Room" with which to be able to attract spaces of the habi hotel rations to exercise without leaving it. This agreement will open lines of innovation, creation and experimentation of new spaces and work concepts associated with hotel establishments. The experience and professionalism of both companies in their respective specialties, makes this a unique and powerful agreement between Prim and Life Fitness. About Life Fitness Life Fitness, is the world leader in fitness equipment. The company manufactures and sells cardiovascular and strength equipment as well as services for the professional and home channel. Manages the Life Fitness, Hammer Strenght, Cybex, Indoor Cycling Group, Sci-Fit and Brunswick Billiards brands. It is part of Brunswick Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company. About Prim Spa Prim Group Division, founded in 1870 and listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange. Its Spa division is a leader at national and Latin America level in equipment and facilities of Wellness and Spa areas both in the hotel segment and in the residential and spa segment.