Living roon or relaxation room?

We do not draw any distinction. The steam bath in glass and powdered aluminium creates a softly flowing trasition betwwn spa and living areas.

Even at firt glance, the promise is one of limitless relaxation. And a closer look reveals a whole host of further details heralding the enjoyment to be had from an extended steam bath. there are, for example, the seat coverings in highest quality teak. Individual arrangements can also be made to produce these in natural stone or stoneware.

The KLAFS steam bath D12 is, however, not merely a perfect match for your home in optical terms. Our innovative modular construction method means that cabin size and seating arrangements can be varied. An elegant detachable shower, the integrated ceiling spotlights and the newly developed PSI steam inlet allcreate an equally harmonious look for the interior, whereas the KLAFS GREEN STEAM package is also included to ensure that you can rest easy in term of your responsability to be environmentally friendly.

Further highlights, such as colour change indirect lighting or our POLAR STARRY SKY, are available on request. No wonder that no one would seek to hide away this steam bath.